Racehorse Ownership

There are various ways to enjoy racehorse ownership:

Sole Ownership

You will own the horse outright.  You may be able to name it, it will run in your name and carry your chosen colours on the racecourse.  You will be responsible for all training and racing costs and be able to enjoy the benefits of ay prize money and bonuses won.  Along with your trainer, you will be able to make the key decisions regarding the running of your horse, including choosing a jockey.


There are two options for co-owning a horse with friends, family or colleagues.  There is an online tool – MOSAIC (Multi Ownership Schemes Automated Information Calculator) – designed to help guide new owners to the registration most suited to their requirements.

Company Ownership

The horse is owned by shareholders of a company who will appoint a Registered Agent to act on their behalf.

Where one of the directors or company secretary have colours registered in his/her own name, the horses owned by the company may run in those colours, provided they become an agent of the company.

For more information on other types of racehorse ownership, like Racing Partnerships, Leasing and Racing Clubs click the button below.

racehorse ownership and fees

Joint Ownership

A joint ownership arrangement can be made up of anything between 2 and 12 individuals and the horse(s) can be registered to run in either a joint ownership name and has the benefit of allowing more than one partner’s name to appear in the official racecard and the trade newspapers, or the name of one or more of the joint owners.  Names can be up to 40 characters in length.  It is different from a Racing Partnership (below) as each joint owner is required to be a registered owner.

It is necessary to declare upon registration the percentage of each horse owned by the joint owners.

With a joint ownership, registration charges are horse-specific, so if a joint ownership which already owns one horse registers a further two horses, they will be required to pay a further two joint ownership registration charges.



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